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    Wobble Man

    Wobble Man Description

    Wobble Man is a casual fun game featuring tumbler toy character. It's hard for it to move, so you're gonna have to help it. All it takes is a click and slide anywhere on the floor to navigate wobble man across each level. There are police guards to avoid and traps to set and disarm as well. It’s super simple and a lot of fun to play.

    Game features:

    • Funny levels that you can't imagine
    • Pass the levels one by one
    • Funny machine that surprises you
    • Whole new experiences every day
    Wobble Man Controls

    You don’t even need a keyboard to play the game. The mouse will enable you to control all the functions you need to perform efficiently. These are all the controls you need to remember to enjoy the game.

    Avoid, Brain, 3D, Escape, Obstacle
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    Wobble Man
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