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    Fireboy & Icegirl 4 : In The Dark Temple

    Fireboy & Icegirl 4 : In The Dark Temple Description

    Fireboy & Icegirl 4 is part 4 of the popular game Fireboy & Icegirl. In this game, you can play alone or 2 people. Complete missions by controlling your character through obstacles, collecting fire and water diamonds. Let's discover the secrets of this game.


    • Cooperative gameplay
    • 30+ levels to play
    • Challenging puzzles
    • You can switch characters
    • Walkthrough available to help you solve each of the levels

    Platform: Web browser (desktop and mobile)

    Fireboy & Icegirl 4 : In The Dark Temple Controls

    Fireboy & Icegirl are the 2 elements fire and ice. You must use symbols on the keyboard to move the character. Fireboy uses the arrow keys

    Icegirl uses the symbols

    A: Left

    W: Jump

    D: Right

    Fire when exposed to ice obstacles will melt and can be exposed to fire, but Ice is the opposite. So you should avoid these traps.

    You can pass fire pit and lake by jumping. In addition to overcoming the pitfalls you also have to uncover the secrets of each door to collect diamonds.

    Fire collects red diamonds and Ice collects blue diamonds

    There are many interesting things waiting for you to discover. Let's play

    Obstacle, 2 Player, Platform, Collect, Co-op, Fireboy and Watergirl
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    Fireboy & Icegirl 4 : In The Dark Temple
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