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    Grandma Description

    Grandma is a survival horror video game. In this game you have to escape from the old house you are trapped in, you have to find useful items to escape. Not only that, you also have to run away to escape from Grandma's pursuit.


    • Random level change when you play the second time
    • Jumpscares
    • Grandma the SOUNDTRACK comes
    • Stealth gameplay

    Platform: Web browser

    Grandma Controls

    To play this game you have to try to escape from the house, be quiet and careful. Just a small noise you will be noticed. You can hide under a table, in a closet ...

    Looking around for a way out is essential. In addition to watching the Grandma you must avoid traps. You can also use loud noises to distract Grandma. If caught, you will be chased depending on the difficulty level.

    If caught, the game will end on the current day

    To be able to move and control the character's actions you need to remember the following buttons:
    H: Hide
    E: Interact
    O: drop objects
    Left Mouse Click: Shooting
    C: Crouch
    D: Escape from Bear Trap
    S: Car starting

    Challenge yourself in this survival game

    3D, Escape, Survival
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